Our Differentiators

IDS Omni Solutions pride itself with getting repeat and long term customers. While there are many others who would offer the same services as we do, there is certainly something unique within us that make the client keep coming back to us! We have the capabilities to support and grow large volume, complex, transaction-driven companies.

Here are our key differentiators that we take huge pride in:


  • Develop Strong Subject Matter Expertise
  • This is our key strength. Our multi-faceted Training and Leadership team ensures seamless Knowledge Transfer before starting any project.

  • Flexible Capacity
  • Ability to seamlessly ramp up & down with reduced staffing issues and training time: We handle seasonal demand without impacting the delivery to our Clients.




    • Strong processes for new hire selection & training
    • Our process oriented approach eliminates person dependency. All processes are designed to do what is right for the Client

    • Dedicated quality, training and scheduling responsibilities
    • Having core skills of Operations Support processes helps a lot in streamlining all processes and enabling higher standards of delivery

    Data Security:

    • Strong processes around Confidential and Proprietary Data protection
    • Non Disclosure Agreement with all employees in place keeping in mind client Confidential Information and Proprietary information protection

    • State of the art firewall and Desktop level security
    • We have in place one of the best firewall available in the market and a strict IT security policy implemented to safe guard client data.

    Speed of Action:

    • Small nimble-footed organization – quick decision making and actions.
    • We are quick to adjust to changing Client needs in this dynamic environment.