current key clients

Client 1:

Atlanta based Financial Analyst and Insights organization for Institutional Investors and Managers.

Customer Since: 2003.

Client provides variety of products and cloud-based solutions for the institutional investing community across the world.

Scope of Work: Our teams from India deliver end to end back office services for their Analyst & Insights Product. We manage Investment Portfolio section pertaining to AUM, Performance, Characteristics, Holdings and Qualitative Updates.

Key Activities Include:

Reviewing the raw data received from all clients

Converting the data into relevant customized formats

Using Automation Tools for data upload

Handling of manual exceptions

Working closely with Client Service Managers to resolve all data related issues

Manual on-boarding / data entry for specific clients

Over the last years, we have attained high degree of proficiency in understanding / interpreting the data sets, quickly identifying any issues with data and also coming up with right solution.

Client 2:

US based Visa Reservation portal.

Customer Since: 2017.

The client offers itinerary services i.e. flight, hotel, insurance, etc. to the travelers for their VISA application/approval purposes.

Scope of Work: We’re responsible to handle queries/concerns through chat/emails by the applicants who are applying for VISA across countries. In addition, we create itineraries on Sabre for the applicants as per their requests.

Key Activities Include:

Handling 18/6 live chat & emails through software provided by the client

Providing resolution on customer queries and concerns

Creating or modifying existing itineraries basis the customer’s request on Sabre

Providing proactive solutions to the customers about flights (direct, connecting, etc.), hotel itineraries

Working closely with Client to flag any issue that requires urgent attention and attending daily/weekly Skype calls

Client 3:

Weather/Climate Risk Management Services & Insurance Company based in India.

Customer Since: 2017.

The client is associated with various large insurance companies for providing all agriculture related services. The client provides universal access to provide weather insurance for farmers in Asia, Africa and Americas. In addition to it, it also creates smart grids for power consumption.

Scope of Work: We are responsible for data validation and entry on Agri-insurance and Government websites. We are handling the data for key states ofRajasthan, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

Key Activities Include:

Downloading the farmer’s documents from government agriculture portals

Auditing the documents provided by the farmers for crop insurance vis-a-vis the details shared to the insurance company - total of 88 fields

Identifying area accuracy & identification of crops

Identifying fictitious names registered mostly under non-loanee category

Identifying multiple (duplicate) accounts of same beneficiary

Entering data of crop names, survey numbers, block, aadhar, gram panchayat, etc. on Government portal as per the raw files shared by the clients

Ensuring to deliver 99.99% accuracy as any error can result in direct impact on farmer’s sum insurance, premiums, crops or insurance payout

Collaborating with direct clients to find the best suitable resolutions for farmers basis actual audits

Client 4:

US based education portal.

Customer Since: 2017 .

The client helps the parents pay for education by providing a simple, low-cost financing solution.

Scope of Work: The task includes finding fees of different schools as per list shared by the client.

Key Activities Include:

Segregating the school into Independent or Catholic categories

Visiting the appropriate website of each school and finding the entire fee structure including boarding fees, payment cycle, sibling discount, prompt payment discount.

Entering entire data structure into the format approved by the client and providing proactive inputs on regular intervals

Client 5:

US based real estate portal.

Customer Since: 2018. The client is creating the database of real estate investors and we are assisting the client to create those investors’ accounts on CRM.

Scope of Work: The client has provided the license of MS Dynamics 365 CRM & Microsoft Outlook. We’re responsible for various tasks including finding criteria, strategy, assets, investment, ownership and industry type, etc. basis their information on website and selecting appropriate information in selected category on CRM.

Key Activities Include:

Performing data entry tasks for real estate investors

Visiting the website, LinkedIn page of the investors and updating the appropriate information basis their website on CRM

Finding the services provided by the investors - Property Managers, Investment, Wealth and/or Fund Managers. We also check if they invest in equity, joint ventures, debt, distressed properties etc

Finding the target market of the investors with most of the focus on USA & Canada

Filling up all these details on CRM under appropriate headings including the states and MSAs as per investors’ focus and interests

Creating/updating contacts under respective organizations to reach out to the investors

Managing various other tasks by the client basis requirements, priorities and providing proactive solutions on regular intervals

Working closely with Client to flag any issue that requires urgent attention and attending daily/weekly Skype calls